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Rhode Island Court Administrator

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Court Administrator

Supreme Court

250 Benefit St Providence, RI 02903

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The Office of the Rhode Island Court Administrator maintains court records back to 1671, with older records at the State Archives. The Supreme Court Judicial Records Center is the central repository for semi-active, inactive, and archival court records. The court system today is divided into Supreme, Superior, district, family, workers compensation, and traffic tribunal courts. The Superior Court has jurisdiction in civil cases over $10,000 and felonies. The district courts handle civil cases under $10,000 and misdemeanors.

Rhode Island  Court Record Availability

For questions regarding the Superior Courts, call 401-222-2622. For questions regarding the District Courts, call 401-458-5201.

Access to Rhode Island Court Records

Retrieving Records

Rhode Island has an online Criminal Information Search. The information available in the searches (conducted by defendant name, business name, or case identification) includes case identification, parties’ names, court, location, filing date, type of case, status, balance due, arrest information, charges, case event schedule, case parties, attorneys, and docket entries. Civil records are available from the clerk of the appropriate court. All court records are maintained through the Office of the Rhode Island Court Administrator.


The online Criminal Information Search is free. Official criminal case files and all civil cases (including cd transcripts) are available from the Clerk of Court’s Office.

Years Available

Criminal court cases online date back to at least 1988. Earlier cases are available at the clerk of court, with historical cases at the State Archives.