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Tennessee  Administrative Office of the Courts

About This Office:

The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts, which is the administrative branch of the Tennessee Court System, operates as a public service and is responsible for maintaining access to public court reports, court information and employment opportunities .

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals can access Tennessee court records through the Administrative Offices of the Courts by searching the archives in the court where the case was tried. In addition, individuals may search court records through the Tennessee State Library.

Access To Tennessee Court Records:

Tennessee’s judicial system is divided into four tiers: the Supreme Court, two tiers of appellate courts, and local courts. The 95 counties comprise 31 judicial districts, each with a circuit and chancery court, and 13 with criminal courts. Circuit courts hear civil and criminal cases; chancery courts hear only civil cases. Local courts include general sessions, juvenile, probate, and municipal. The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts is responsible for all public court records.

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