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Where To Access Court Records In Texas

Texas  Office of Court Administration

About This Office:

The Texas Office of Court Administration operates under the direction of the Texas Supreme Court and is responsible for providing information and resources regarding the Texas Courts. Some of the information maintained by the Office of Court Administration includes: a judicial directory, judicial information, judicial entities, events, and news.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining access to Texas court records through the Office of Court Administration can use the provided links on the Texas Courts Online website to visit the appropriate district or city for all Texas courts. Each individual court is responsible for maintaining and giving access to their respective records.

Access To Texas Court Records:

The Office of Court Administration oversees 2718 courts in five tiers. Top tier: the Supreme Court for civil appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals. Second tier: 14 courts of appeals for civil and criminal intermediate appeals. Third tier: 456 district courts, with original jurisdiction in felony criminal and civil actions. Fourth tier: 506 county level courts handling smaller civil, probate, and misdemeanor cases. Fifth tier: 817 justice and 923 municipal courts, with limited civil jurisdiction.

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