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Texas Office of Court Administration

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Office of Court Administration

PO Box 12066 Austin, TX 78711-2066

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The Office of Court Administration oversees 2718 courts in five tiers. Top tier: the Supreme Court for civil appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals. Second tier: 14 courts of appeals for civil and criminal intermediate appeals. Third tier: 456 district courts, with original jurisdiction in felony criminal and civil actions. Fourth tier: 506 county level courts handling smaller civil, probate, and misdemeanor cases. Fifth tier: 817 justice and 923 municipal courts, with limited civil jurisdiction.

Texas  Court Record Availability

Except for certain online research capabilities, all trial court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to Texas Court Records

Retrieving Records

Texas court records are localized. The Office of Court Administration does not have a single portal for case searches but does provide links to 46 searchable county systems, each with different searching requirements. The Office of Court Administration also suggests examining the independent system, Online case searching for Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and courts of appeals is at Texas Courts Online, by case number or style (name of case) only.


Online appellate case searching by case number or title is free. Some district/county searching is also free, but it usually requires specific information in addition to name.

Years Available

Texas court public records date to 1836, although many 1840-1853 records were lost. District and county online systems retain varying years of court case information.