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The judicial system of Virginia includes the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, 120 circuit courts in 31 circuits, and general district courts in 32 districts, with all court records under the dominion of the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES). The circuit courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction, for both civil and criminal cases. The district courts hear criminal, civil, and traffic cases before a judge (no jury trials), typically for misdemeanors and smaller civil cases.

Access to Virginia Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Office of the Executive Secretary supplies all information technology, including case management. The Supreme Court’s online information includes lists of hearings, dockets, and opinions. The Court of Appeals online information includes calendars, dockets, and opinion. The circuit and district courts have an online case information system; searches can be by name, case number or date. There is also online access to deeds, marriage licenses, judgments, and wills, but not juvenile or domestic relations cases.


Records online and at the Library of Virginia can be accessed for free. Nominal fees apply to copies of records made by the Clerk of Court.

Years Available

Court records from 1619-1865 are available at the Library of Virginia. Online court records date from the early 2000s. Records for 1866-present are maintained at each court.