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Washington Administrative Office of Courts

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Administrative Office of Courts

PO Box 41170 Olympia, WA 98504-1170

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The Washington state judiciary, administered by the Administrative Office of Courts, is comprised of appellate and trial courts. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, with dockets, opinions, and briefs since 2006 online, are televised on TVW. Trial courts consist of 29 superior, 49 district, and 127 municipal courts. Superior courts have general jurisdiction over felonies, property, domestic relations, and civil cases. The limited-jurisdiction district courts handle misdemeanors, infractions, and small civil cases under $75,000.

Washington  Court Record Availability

The AOC offers online access to trial court records via an online system.

Access to Washington Court Records

Retrieving Records

For trial courts, cases are the responsibility of the Administrative Office of Courts but are obtained from the appropriate clerk of court. There is a Washington courts index of cases filed in the municipal, district, superior, and appellate courts, and it is searchable by case number or name, but it returns only the case summary and not the outcome. For criminal records, the Washington State Patrol maintains WSP Watch, covering all criminal convictions but excluding non-convictions.


The online case index system is free but includes case summary only. Criminal conviction searching through WSP Watch costs $10 per name search, regardless of outcome.

Years Available

Washington court records date back to 1853 with old records maintained at the Washington State Archives and recent cases at each court maintained by the clerk of court.