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Washington  Administrative Office of Courts

About This Office:

The Washington Administrative Office of Courts is the administrative arm of the Washington Courts. Some of the information available through the Administrative Office of Courts includes: court forms, opinions and rules, judicial information systems, educational resources, resources, publications, and reports.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining access to Washington court records cannot search for them through the Administrative Office of Courts. Instead, individuals can locate court records by searching the appropriate courts. There are, however, links to these sites on the Washington Courts website under the Washington State Court Directory.

Access To Washington Court Records:

The Washington state judiciary, administered by the Administrative Office of Courts, is comprised of appellate and trial courts. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, with dockets, opinions, and briefs since 2006 online, are televised on TVW. Trial courts consist of 29 superior, 49 district, and 127 municipal courts. Superior courts have general jurisdiction over felonies, property, domestic relations, and civil cases. The limited-jurisdiction district courts handle misdemeanors, infractions, and small civil cases under $75,000.

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