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Wisconsin Administrative Office

Court Records

State office

Director of State Courts

Supreme Court

PO Box 1688 Madison, WI 53701-1688

Records Available:

The Wisconsin court system is comprised of four levels: 252 municipal courts, 66 circuit courts, 4 courts of appeal and the Supreme Court, with administration through a Director of State Courts. Municipal courts records, minor criminal and civil cases, such as traffic, truancy, and curfew, are not available online and must instead be requested of the appropriate clerk of court. Some municipal courts have websites to aid in the request for case information.

Access to Wisconsin Court Records

Retrieving Records

Circuit Court cases, based on CCAP (consolidated Court Automation Programs) case management system, are online at the WCCA (Wisconsin Circuit Court Access) website under the Director of State Courts. Not all courts use CCAP for all cases, started at the same times, or converted all old records. Converted records may contain less information. WSCCA (Wisconsin Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals) have a separate Case Access System that includes pending and current cases, opinions, and appeals dating to 1993.


Record searching online through WCCA (Wisconsin Circuit Court Access) and WSCCA CAS (Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Case Access System) is free.

Years Available

Dating from the 1970s, online records vary by court and type. Older cases can be obtained from the clerk of court or the Wisconsin Historical Archives.