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Wisconsin Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Wisconsin

Wisconsin  Administrative Office

About This Office:

The Wisconsin Director of State Courts provides administrative support for the Wisconsin Court System. The Director of State Courts also provides information for the public, for jurors, for attorneys, for judges, for commissioners, for interpreters, for teachers and for volunteers.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Wisconsin court records through the Wisconsin Director of State Courts can access them through the counties that use the Consolidated Court Automation Programs Case Management System. All of the court records contained are open to the public. There is a link to this search tool through the Wisconsin Court System’s website.

Access To Wisconsin Court Records:

The Wisconsin court system is comprised of four levels: 252 municipal courts, 66 circuit courts, 4 courts of appeal and the Supreme Court, with administration through a Director of State Courts. Municipal courts records, minor criminal and civil cases, such as traffic, truancy, and curfew, are not available online and must instead be requested of the appropriate clerk of court. Some municipal courts have websites to aid in the request for case information.

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