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How To Start Your State Criminal Records Search

Begin With State Government Offices

Each state has a different way to maintain and distribute criminal history records to the public. For most states, however, one of three government offices can generally fulfill your criminal records request: 1) the Department of Public Safety 2) the State Police Department or 3) the State Bureau of Investigation. Most states offer a few different record retrieval methods, the most common being by mail, by phone or directly from the state office website. Record search fees apply in most cases and vary depending on the information you're seeking. To search criminal records by state, select a state on this page.

Contact County Offices Directly

In the event that the state is unable to provide the criminal record you're looking for, the next place to search is the court clerk's office in the county where the crime was recorded. Similar to state offices, county court offices often maintain criminal record databases that are available for public access.

Contact The Federal Bureau Of Investigations

To search criminal records on a broader level, the Federal Bureau of Investigation offers access to FBI Identification Records, also commonly referred to as criminal history records. These records are normally associated with fingerprints obtained by the FBI and include information such as: date of arrest, arrest charge, and the disposition of the arrest. To obtain these records individuals must submit an application by mail, a set of fingerprints and payment of about $18, per request.

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