Don’t Worry. No One Can Find Out How You Voted

Don’t Worry. No One Can Find Out How You Voted

If there’s one topic polite company tries to avoid around the holiday table, it’s politics. Those who prefer to keep their voting record to themselves can relax. In the United States, we vote by secret ballot. That means no one can look up a record of how you voted in any local, state, or federal election.

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PeopleSmart Aligns With Privacy And Connection

PeopleSmart Aligns With Privacy And Connection

PeopleSmart is enhancing the way that you can connect through our new feature: our Postal Relay Service. Postal Relay helps you send letters through the U.S. Postal Service to your desired recipient, even when you don’t know the address.

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A Family Aware: How To Be Cyber-Secure At Home

A Family Aware: How To Be Cyber-Secure At Home

In week three of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it’s time to focus on cyber awareness in your home. From playing games online to sending your family an email, many daily activities require Internet access. Learn how to protect your devices, keep your kids safe online, and protect your own information.

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How to Be Cyber-Secure: Raising Awareness

How to Be Cyber-Secure: Raising Awareness

National Cyber Security Awareness Month is an annual tradition that provides resources for online safety. At PeopleSmart, we continuously support the need for trust and security on the Internet. Your information is valuable—be aware of how you use it and learn how you can protect it.

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