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Values PeopleSmart Competitors
We strive for transparency
We avoid the bait-and-switch approach that some of our competitors use. Offer free or low-cost services, only to charge a higher price when you try to access information
We offer an unbeatable price
For as little as $39 per month, prospect without breaking the bank. Cost 3x to 5x more than PeopleSmart
We don't do long-term commitments
Get business contacts without the long-term contracts. If one month is enough for you, that's fine by us. Offer basic monthly plans that pale in comparison to their long-term packages
We work at your scale
PeopleSmart makes sense for your business, whatever its size. Focus on big commitments from big budget operations
We specialize in business
Your focus is business, and so is ours. Drive your operations with extensive professional contact details that you can trust. Provide loads of information that isn't always mission critical
We regularly update contacts
Cut costs, not quality, with best-available contacts that are regularly updated. Tracking a lead? Get notifications about contact changes directly to your inbox. Serve up hit-or-miss information or offer similar contact quality at higher costs
We offer multiple easy ways to search
Simply enter the company, job title, LI profile, name, phone number or email, and see what our smarts can do. Have multiple search options, too—at multiple times the price
We deliver results you can grasp at a glance
Your results are ranked by confidence level, so you can spend less time searching and more time selling. Overload users with nonessential filters and features
We help you prospect in seconds
Our Chrome Extension lets you quickly access contact information and extended information for professional profiles on LinkedIn. No plugins to work where you do

Results you can work with, a price that works for you

Choose PeopleSmart for an easy-to-use, effective search engine that works for less. No long-term commitments, no hidden obligations. Just contacts.